NZSki elevates their guest experience with CeeJay

NZSki resorts use CeeJay to gather feedback at the moment of a guest’s experience, and swiftly address problems as they appear.

CeeJay helps us capture feedback that reflects how a guest feels at the time of their experience. It also shows us what’s happening right now so we can address any issues before the day ends - that’s what’s so powerful about it.

James Mackenzie - Area Manager, Mt Hutt Ski Resort

The Challenge

To deliver a consistently great experience at every touchpoint across an NZSki guest's journey.

Maintaining a world class experience across three ski resorts including holding up the reputation of Mt Hutt (voted New Zealand’s best ski resort for six years running) is no easy task for the team at NZSki.

NZSki knew that having a better understanding of what was and wasn’t working was important when it came to keeping their guests happy - from booking online and getting up on the mountain, through to their experience at the resort.

NZSki used follow-up surveys for guest feedback. However, it would often take several days to receive a response. Having a more targeted and timely way of collecting feedback was the next step towards understanding what was going well and focusing on improvements that would make the most difference.

The Solution

NZSki installed CeeJay smiley kiosks at their Mt Hutt and Remarkables resorts, as well as their ticketing centre, to measure guest satisfaction throughout the winter season.

Having feedback collected at various areas such as rentals, food and beverage and guest services meant that NZSki could capture insights for a specific department’s service while fresh in the minds of their guests. CeeJay’s live dashboard provided each Area Manager with the ability to monitor satisfaction and respond to problems as they appeared.

The kiosk smiley buttons were an engaging and simple way to capture a large amount of feedback throughout the season. Having a statistically significant number of responses every week meant that the NZSki team could trust the trends seen over time.



responses over 3 months


positive feedback


coverage across in-person and digital channels

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